1946 Harley Davidson Flathead | Posted on March 31, 2016

By Ian Solley

This is the latest bike to move into 7Ages HQ in Hastings.  It may not look much but its a runner and just needs a bit of TLC to get it on the road.  The bike has the most unbelievable history, including being used by General Franco’s escort in Spain where it was first exported to – I assume the WLS stands for sidecar (it has mounts) although I have also seen it stand for Special – in any event a 1200cc Flathead from this period is very rare.  From Spain it made its way to the UK via the HMS Ark Royal where it was airlifted off by helicopter.  From there is a convoluted tale which ended up with me buying it this year!

The photos were taken by Karen Bengall and I cruelly cropped them to fit the site format.