Macbeth | Posted on February 8, 2013

By Ian Solley

Macbeth was the first ground up 7ages bike that was built, and its still my favourite – its got so much attitude and looks just right.  Its a hardtail with a new S&S Panhead engine, Indian Leaf front end, and a big fat rear tyre, and it was finished in 2007.

I have put some miles on this bike with a few road trips including one to St Tropez over the years.  A while back I  changed the exhaust – as I get older I like a bit of noise but not too much and found these Supertrapp Race cans which are sound great, and also improve performance.

The paint still looks fresh after 7 years  – and what with Ornamental Conifers work, is quite up to date, even though the words are from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

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