Romeo 80 | Posted on February 8, 2013

By Ian Solley

I have always loved BMW Boxers, such solid and purposeful bikes.  After spending so much time on Harleys I also really wanted to make something different.  I picked up the base bike a 1982 R80 on Ebay for £1350, which had been restored by the original owners’ son – to an excellent standard.

So it was pulled apart, and the bits we wanted kept and cleaned up – the engine, drive, tank, exhausts and controls.  A new frame was made by Dave Batchelar at P&D and he cut down the tank and fabricated the new sides and fenders.  The star of the bike is the new 23″ snowflake wheels by Steve Taylor.  All the bits were then painted and polished and put together back at base with Richard Taylor.  Paint is by Keith Baker, and the ROMEO 80 design by Paul Leeson.

This is the latest build and is part of a move to build older style bikes using as much as possible from the old bike or what can be sourced cheaply to get a great value build.

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13 Responses to “Romeo 80”

  1. Dude San says:

    Any issues with the universal on the drive shaft? I like the way you’ve covered the dogs/spring in the drive, but I’m wondering how that joint will deal with the lack of lubrication.

  2. bob hailey says:

    Beautiful! I have a 72 R75/5 that is gathering dust whilst I gather my courage and cash to cafe the bike. Always seeking ideas. Please tell us a little about the front end. I’m considering a GSXR front.
    Thanks for posting. I’ll be watching for more.

    • Ian Solley says:

      Thanks Bob – the front end was off a new Harley FXD which I customised a few years back and so was sitting in my garage – ie it was free same with the HD front disc and caliper. I am now trying to get the build costs down as much as possible, so re-use whatever is left on the donor bike and what is lying around, or cheap on EBay!

  3. Prosper says:

    Absolutely stunning! You defenitely should let the world know about this bike: any plans for BikeExif?
    Kind regards,

  4. Chris Mc says:

    HI Ian
    Glad to see you finished the bike – it looks fantastic I’m really glad you bought the bike from me & turned it into something special. Ref the splined shaft- it should be ideally be lubed with molybendum base grease, given the intended light / show use I doubt it will matter too much? The boxer engine looks to be ideal material for your projects lets hope you have started a new trend?
    Chris Mc

    • Ian Solley says:

      Delighted that you like it – I am really pleased – so much that I am taking it to a rally in Biarritz next month (Wheels & Waves) – just been lubing the shaft with WD40 so far and it all seems fine, but will get some proper grease for it!
      Best wishes and thanks for the comment

  5. Pete says:

    Hi there
    What a beautiful bike you have build . Its full of beauty and i would be pleased to know the price in case it is for sale.

  6. Jan Jepsen says:

    This just cream for my eyes! I love this machine. I would like to build extreme Myself, but unfortunately I live in Denmark. We have world’s most conservative modifications restrictions sad sad story. This bike would be extremely illegal in Denmark. Makes to me no sense. Anyhow keep up letting them coming. You have the skills and fantasy!

  7. Mike b says:

    Outstanding, such a refreshing change from the boxer cafe racers. The rear end treatment, wheels and restrained combination of polished alloy and colour really make it easy on the eye. How does it ride?

    • Ian Solley says:

      it rides really well – I have done a few bikes with matching 23″ wheels and they all go well – and the hardtail is not a problem either. The one issue that I have set out to solve has been the gearing with the 23″ and I have sorted that out by upping the engine to a 1000cc, to give it some more oomphh! Thanks for your comments.

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