Custom Paint | Posted on February 18, 2013

By Ian Solley

For a while now I have been really admiring the latest trend in custom bike painting which is effectively painting by hand without all the neatness of the taped lines and often without a laquer finish (although nothing is new as I suspect the Coney Island paint is real from back in the day).  I first noticed this at a rally at Daytona Beach in 2011, and the above images were taken at the London Motorcycle Show this weekend.  I have to say I think this is the look I want for when I get my Richard II bike re-painted – I even have some words to go on it!

The Norton Swindle one above was done by Nefarious for Redmaxspeedshop, and theSideburn Magazine Bike by Ornamental Conifer – who seems to be making a real name for himself – check out his Blog here –