Dirtquake III – Norfolk Arena | Posted on July 24, 2014

By Ian Solley

2014 is the year for the Sons of Democracy to do some racing – in June I did the Punks Peak Race at Wheels and Waves, and now its Paul Leesons’ turn, and he chose the altogether harder Dirtquake III.  He was well prepared with some help from the guys at RBK he chopped his 883 Iron Sporty down and added some knobbly tyres to cope with the mud…and then it was out on the oval track for his first taste of “Go Fast / Turn Left”.  Paul was brilliant, and won the respect of us all for getting out there and doing it!

It was a terrific day with loads of racing and I should mention three other people, firstly Merry Michau our favourite photographer who stormed around the oval on a borrowed Monkey Bike, then Guy Martin who just showed what a class act he is by winning on a chopper, and finally some guy from Belgium in pink furry trousers who made riding the oval look like a walk in the park.

Big thanks to Ben and Gary of Sideburn for putting it all on and the parties afterwards.

And best of all here is Pauls awesome video of the day:

Getting Dirty | Dirtquake 3 from Paul Leeson on Vimeo.

We will be back!