Distinguished Gentleman Ride 2017 | Posted on October 9, 2017

By Ian Solley

We have been doing this since the very first one, historically in London, but last year in Hastings and this year in Maidstone.  Being England the weather makes the difference and riding 80 miles to your start point in dapper gear in the rain is a non starter – but luckily this year the weather was superb, so we made our way to Laguna Motorcycles in Maidstone, where excellent hospitality was provided.  I am not sure of the total number of riders but I think it was around 400.

One of the advantages of a rural ride over London is that you actually get to ride your motorcycle rather than sit in London traffic in first gear – the disadvantage is that you get lost!  We eventually made it to the re-group point at Kings Hill, where the lack of leadership enabled us to reach the decision that going to the pub instead of carrying on, was the best available decision.

Its a good cause and a great excuse for a ride – I can’t bring myself to get sponsorship for doing things I love – but I donated, and wish them every success for the future.