Viva La Revolution | Posted on March 3, 2013

By Ian Solley

I particularly dislike the first three months of the year, as all I want to do is get on my motorcycle and ride somewhere nice and its just not happening in the the UK – and skiing is not even a close second for me.

This time last year (Feb 2012) – I booked a trip to Cuba with Paul Leeson and Gary France – it was an organised tour run by from Denmark and in the end we had about 10 of us, plus Michael the owner of MC Travel, and two Cuban Guides.  We were all kitted out with late model Harleys in Havana and over the next 8 days rode over most of the Island taking in all the sites and really getting a feel for the place.  The site of this fleet of Harleys was incredibly rare and whenever we parked up we always drew a crowd.  Looking back it was a tremendous experience and I am really glad to have done it and seen Cuba at a time just before its going to experience great change again.

Having sat through another grim winter here, I am going to be sure to get some early spring sunshine and riding in again in 2014.

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