Ardingly Classic Bike Show | Posted on April 3, 2016

By Ian Solley

I wanted to go here in the remote hope of finding an exhaust bracket for the 1946 WLS – well that never happened.

Nonetheless this was a great opportunity for me to go out on a ride with my HOG Chapter 1066, and since it was only 15 miles from the meet to the destination – all the better!  I haven’t been on an organised ride for a few years now and so i went up the front so I could partake in one of the few drop offs on the ride, but it was all good fun and very nice to see some of the old faces.

As for the show itself, its housed in 3 or 4 sheds of varying sizes – most of the classic bikes on display were British iron, which is not really my thing but good to have a look at them.  The main shed has the stands and jumble and jumble is what it is – how you can look at a pile of rusty old parts and decide that is the one for you is beyond me – Ebay is the way to go – and where no doubt I will get my bracket.

Now when is the next 1066 Ride…..