Bike Shed Show in Paris 2016 | Posted on April 18, 2016

By Ian Solley

For some reason back in February, I thought it would be a great idea to ride over to Paris for the Bike Shed show, so as usual I set up a Facebook event, and once you have done that you are committed, in the genuine belief it will be a warm sunny spring ride.

To be fair its about 190 miles from the coast to Paris and being in Hastings, only a short hop to the tunnel for me.  So I was pleased that we got together a good group of 8 intrepid bikers to meet at the tunnel for 7:30am, and special praise should go to Stuart who rode down from north of Ipswich that morning on his HD hardtail bobber……

Despite the freezing cold we had a good scenic ride avoiding the motorways and got to the event for 4:00pm – as expected Dutch and the crew from BSMC had done a sterling job filling the brilliant riverside space at Cite de la Mode with loads of cool bikes, stuff to buy, eat and drink, and also if you were inclined get your hair done and a quick tattoo.

After a good few hours checking out the bikes and waiting for Jamie Ireson to sign autographs, we headed out for a well deserved steak frites to prepare ourselves for the blast back in the morning.  All in all a most excellent trip  – a good ride, a great destination and excellent company – its what its all about.