Coast to Coast USA | Posted on April 8, 2015

By Ian Solley

The Spring Blues trip, is fast becoming a regular fixture for our club “The Sons of Democracy” and this makes our third one.  The idea is to go on an early March road trip so that by the time you get back the riding season can start here in the UK.

As much as I would like to take all the credit, this must go to The Lost Adventure, who procured a deal with Eaglerider to get their bikes back from Daytona Bike Week to LA in 14 days, for a very reasonable price.  In the end I think there were around 70 bikes with 80 odd riders.

Our SOD group consisted of 6 of us and we met up and split up as we went along so that we could all do as much or as little as we wanted.  I paid a bit extra to get my bike a day early and keep it for a few days more so that I could ride up to San Francisco on the PCH1, and in the end covered 5155 miles – the base cost of the trip was for 3000 miles and 14 days, with all miles over charged at $0.39 per mile – so I have a bit of a top up – but it was worth it.

My route was very briefly as follows – Orlando FL, Derien GA, Montgomery GA, Clarksdale MS, Nacodoches TX, Fredericksburg TX, Del Rio TX, Teraligua TX, Alpine TX, Carizozo NM, Show Low AZ, Flagstaff AZ (2), Jerome AZ, Palm Springs CA, Ventura CA, LA CA, San Sebastian CA, San Francisco CA.  I also went through Arkansas and Louisiana, but dint spend a night there.

Here is a separate post on the 10 best roads

Every day had its highlights and far to many to mention, but the trip is on again next year, and I would be very tempted to do it.

Any comments will be answered.